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Celebrating a Milestone for Ford's EcoBoost Engine Technology

Of all the innovations the Ford Motor Company has brought to the automotive world over the last century, one of the most impressive innovations is its EcoBoost engine technology. Combining turbocharged performance with fuel saving technologies, Ford’s EcoBoost engines delivers terrific fuel economy without sacrificing engine power or performance. Just visit your local NYC Ford dealership and test drive a new or used car equipped with an EcoBoost engine to discover for yourself why it’s heralded as one of the top engines available today. To celebrate the production of the five-millionth EcoBoost-equipped vehicle, here’s a look at the past, present, and future of Ford’s EcoBoost engine technology.

The Birth (and Rise) of a Legend

The EcoBoost engine was launched in 2009 on the Ford Taurus SHO. That year, almost 15,000 EcoBoost engines were manufactured. The following year, the first full year of EcoBoost production for Ford, 62,704 vehicles were built with an EcoBoost engine inside. This year saw the production of the five-millionth EcoBoost-equipped vehicle, and Ford is now producing 200,000+ EcoBoost engine per month worldwide.

All-New 1.0-Liter EcoBoost

Ford’s latest milestone comes in the form of the innovative 1.0-liter three-cylinder EcoBoost. This multiple award-winning engine has earned Engine Technology International’s International Engine of the Year honors three years in a row and has been named to Ward’s 10 Best Engines two years running. Visit your local NYC Ford dealership to experience firsthand what this award-winning EcoBoost engine (and its 42 highway MPG rating) can do for you.

You can test drive an EcoBoost-equipped vehicle at Tower Ford in Great Neck, NY. We offer the best selection of new and used Ford models in NYC, and our associates are happy to answer any questions you have about EcoBoost or any other Ford technology. Call us at (516) 734-6086 to speak with one of our courteous and friendly associates.

Getting to Know the Bold New 2015 Ford Shelby GT

If you like the look of the all-new 2015 Ford Mustang GT but want a pony with more bite, visit your local NYC Ford dealership and place your order for the all-new 2015 Shelby GT. The ferocious 627-horsepower Shelby GT muscle car is the most powerful Shelby GT ever offered, yet it doesn’t sacrifice an ounce of reliability or comfort of its predecessor, the Ford Mustang. Here’s your first look at the revolutionary 2015 Ford Shelby GT.

Potent Performer

The 2015 Shelby GT incorporates all of the engineering lessons Ford and Carroll Shelby International has learned building high-performance vehicles over the past 50 years. Developed in-house with Shelby-exclusive components, every aspect of the new Shelby GT is enhances to create a potent all-around performer. Combined with its 627-horsepower supercharged engine, the Shelby GT features Ford Racing half-shafts, a Ford Racing handling pack with upgraded shocks, springs, and sway bars, and an upgraded big brake kit. That’s just a few of the high-performance features that come standard, not to mention all of the available upgrades and add-ons like carbon fiber intakes and a 700+ HP performance upgrade.

Formidable Daily Driver

Based on the fantastic new Ford Mustang platform, the 2015 Shelby GT is as comfortable on city streets and highways as it is on closed race courses and drag strips. This balanced muscle car offers the functionality, dependability, and comfort of the Ford Mustang with the other-worldly performance that’s made Shelby the leading name in high-performance automobiles.

Come to Tower Ford in Great Neck, NY to order your 2015 Shelby GT before they run out. You can also test-drive any of the brand-new Ford Mustangs we have in stock. Visit our website for additional vehicle information or call us at (516) 734-6086 to speak with one of our Ford experts.

A Look at the Brand New Ford Mustang

What does it mean that the 2015 Ford Mustang is one of the most impressive Pony Cars ever built? It means the all-new Mustang makes everything more exciting, even sappy ballads. Watch this video to see the new Ford Mustang in action and just think about the driving experiences that await you behind the wheel of the sleekest, sexiest, and most fun-to-drive Mustang ever.

You can test-drive a new Ford Mustang in NYC at Tower Ford. We are proud to be one of the leading Ford dealerships in New York. Come to us for the best selection of new and used Ford models, including the Mustang, Escape, Fiesta, Fusion, and Focus. Contact us online or call us at (516) 466-6400 to schedule your test drive today!

Ford Celebrates 100 Years of the Moving Assembly Line

Go Further with Ford - Tower Ford NY

A century ago, Henry Ford created the world’s first moving assembly line. This innovative production method allowed the Ford Motor Company to streamline their production process and build affordable vehicles. A hundred years later, Ford Motors continues to lead the way for automotive manufacturing innovation. In the coming years, Ford plans to boost its global manufacturing methods to keep up with the demands of its customers. By building its vehicles on nine core platforms, Ford will increase the efficiency of its production while also making its products more accessible to customers across the globe.

To become a member of the Ford family, be sure to visit Tower Ford Inc. to test drive a new Ford today. We are proud to serve the Great Neck and NYC areas with a fantastic lineup of brand new and quality used Fords. Call us at (516) 734-6682 to hear more about the vehicles that await you when you visit our dealership.

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